Rainy Day

Rainy days call for a comfortable hooded cape with a fur trim. Casually pairing it with a grey cashmere sweater and plaid skirt, topped with a scarf of bright color, do you like it? 天黑黑,欲落雨,穿起有毛领边的羊毛带帽斗篷,也是很惬意的一件事情。搭配了灰色羊绒衫和黑白格子短裙,颈间再绕一条紫红色小方巾,随性而不随便,你喜欢吗? Poncho: Goelia (old, similar here in ASOS) Cashmere knit: Maxmara (similar here) plaid skirt: babycoco (old, similar here) booties: Navyboot handbag: Chloe ‘Marcie’


is always a good idea! I never say no to a soft monochromatic look with genuine good and natural fabric, which I believe will make the simplest palette glow, and of course, keep me nice and warm in this rainy winter (I live off alpaca, cashmere and wool here in HK)! 用天然的衣料打造出一袭温柔的单色系搭配,是我一直都钟意的方式。作为成分控的我,不担心这样是否会枯燥无味,因为一直相信羊毛、羊绒、羊驼毛等天然成分会令衣物自然散发出淡淡光辉,而且在这个多云多雨的一月,更是保暖不臃肿的不二之选!

Front Slit Maxi Skirt

A ginger red front-slit maxi skirt, doesn’t sound like an easy-to-go piece in the closet – too many adjectives. But it’s OK since what’s the fun without challenge? Playing safe it is, with a black knitwear and black sock booties. Topped with a fur bag, can’t dress like a nun after all, can I? 姜红色前开叉针织长裙,名词前定语太多,一定不是件百搭圣品。不过没关系,百搭的同义词大概是无趣,所以时不时来点不一样的挑战是有必要的。既然单品已经有一件是比较特别的,其他搭配就打安全牌吧——黑色毛衣跟黑色袜靴是不会错的选择,皮草小包是最后的点睛,毕竟我从来不是冷淡风的忠实拥趸!