Beach Day Shoulder Off

This series of pictures was actually taken 2 weeks ago at Repulse bay. As you can see the weather was not 100% perfect but we did manage to have a lazy afternoon lying on the beach doing nothing (mission of life). Sometimes I feel that it’s a shame that we here in this sub-tropical island do not have a proper winter to watch the snow or wear enough my favorite coats, but at the same time we are truly blessed to have a beach season that goes up to 6 months. In the summer I come down to the beachES (yeah there are plenty of choices) all the time even if I don’t want to swim, a book or a drink at the seaside bar could keep me happy for several hours already.

So the reason for this post is that I am going on a one-week-holiday from today, and nothing fits my mood better than the photos of seawater and sands! I’m going back China to visit family so it’s going to be a real ‘off’ week for me – no big travel plans, no exhausting city tours or anything physically challenging – but you will still expect scheduled outfit posts coming up 🙂

Thank you for stopping by, and wish you have a nice week! xx
IMG_4517 IMG_4515 IMG_4501 IMG_4500 IMG_4499

Dress: Club Monaco via Shopbop

Scarf: Givenchy

Sandals: H&M (not available online, similar here here or here)

Tote: Levi’s

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