White Sneaker

I know, I know, the trend of white sneaker has been going on for quite a while now. Forgive me for being late to the party! Yet in my defense, I never really thought that it could make its way through out the Normcore (which, let’s be honest, is not what I picture myself wearing) era and continue to go big this year. Come to think of it, who’ll ever say no to such an easy and comfy (!) trend that does not break the bank? All in all, here I am with my first pair of white sneaker (not considering what I wore as a kid to PE class, of course), paired with an easy white t-shirt, linen sleeveless coat and a denim wrap skirt, do you like it?

By the way I have cut my hair short to be ready for summer, I really like the way it looks in this post since I took these photos the day after I went to the barber who had done a great blow dry job, if only I could do the same to my hair… xx, Chloe

IMG_4905IMG_4880 IMG_4883
IMG_4891 IMG_4901IMG_4887
IMG_4908 T-shirt: MUJI

Sleeveless coat from Korea

Skirt: Free People

Sneakers: Tiger of Sweden

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