Off Shoulder Black x Blue

Sometimes I fail to get people’s enthusiasm towards summer, maybe it’s because summer in my city is too damn long – and yes I am complaining. If I live in Europe one day I may be looking forward to the season itself, but for now I’m not a big fan, until I discovered this off shoulder top, that is.

So airy and lightweight, can’t imagine how I’ve survived without it before. Seriously an essential reason for me to look forward to those summer weekends (still a no no in the office, of course). Pairing it with a light blue mini skirt and chain crossbody, I am ready for a date from day to night! xx, C

IMG_4918 IMG_4957IMG_4930 IMG_4942 IMG_4944 IMG_4952 IMG_4964 IMG_4982 Top: Storets

Skirt: A&F

Sandals: Senso

Bag: Zara

Choker: ASOS

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