Summer in the City

Hi guys, long time since I last worked on my blog, feeling very guilty as I have recently re-started reading the Martin book after season 6 of GoT ended (gloriously!), therefore left little time for my blog. But here I am back again!

Today I would like to share this summer outfit with you, very simple, but a life saver in a typical city day of  35 degree Celsius – both the top and the shorts are in linen, so breathable. The blue color has also helped me fight off some heat (only psychologically I’m afraid), while I took my silver Repettos out for a spin as well.

We were out that day to buy new dresses for my twin nieces. They are slightly over 2 and said to be jealous of each other and might even fight if they put on different clothes, well I guess that’s the problem when you have children of same or similar age in the house. Not going to lie though, it’s not an easy task to find 2 little identical dresses that please my eyes – either they are not cute enough or there is only 1 available. So after finding the right ones we were really cheerful!

The sunshine was really strong that day as can be seen in the photos. I did regret forgetting to put sunscreen on my arms and legs. But looking at the photos with so much light makes me happy right now in the middle of a dark night with heavy rain outside, so I guess it was totally worth the shot! This was also the first time that I made this braid in such a long time, when my hair was much longer it actually hurt my arm when doing it, and in winter it wasn’t that much needed anyway, but now it’s in the middle of summer so my sweaty back and shoulder can thank me later~ do you like it? 🙂

IMG_5345 IMG_5346 IMG_5348
IMG_5353 IMG_5355 IMG_5358 IMG_5361 IMG_5365

Top: Veetii

Short bought from Korea

Shoes: Repetto

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