Burgundy x Velvet

Autumn is officially arriving, with temperature dropping little by little especially after raining. A bit chilly even when wearing sleeveless dresses or shorts showing bare legs. What’s better than an autumn-colored dress to bid summer farewell? Found this 70’s retro number on Revolve and I’ve already been imagining the ways that I could wear it – with leather perfecto, a beige or grey coat, stockings and a pair of black ankle boots.

But for now let’s stuck with the dress itself when the weather still permits. I am a firm believer of not showing too much skin at the same time, not that I have the perfect body to do so either though. I have some belly but still OK legs. so normally I turn to dresses that don’t emphasize too much on the waistline and relatively revealing in the bottom. This dress is just perfect in that sense, with the sexy V shaped collar balanced by the scarf, making it very appropriate for office, may I say.

And velvet, of course, the trend that everybody will be talking about this coming autumn and winter. I have a pair of velvet heels (the one I’m wearing), 2 pairs of velvet loafers, and I am considering buying a pair of velvet ankle boots, which are visibly trickier to pull off… fortunately boots time hasn’t arrived in HK just yet so I still have plenty of time to browse my favorite blogs / Pinterest accounts to see how other cool girls around the globe are doing it right – benefit of living in a sub-tropical area!

(feels so good to restart writing long blog posts like this! do you like the photos and the writing? Thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts! xx

IMG_6365 IMG_6372 IMG_6375IMG_6378 IMG_6377

Dress: L’academie via Revolve

Heels: Fiorucci

Handbag: Chanel

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