Self Acceptance & Why You Should Start Taking Photos of Yourselves

For a long time I have been trying to avoid dressing up too girlishly. Several reasons are behind that such as my hidden feminism, or the pants-only-coz-otherwise-you’ll-be-too-distracted-for-school childhood. And thanks to my round face and petite build, I still look feminine enough even in the toughest leather jacket.

But that was until now, when I decide to embrace my appearance and try to make the most out of it. So here I am, in a back-revealing starry top and princess-like bouffant silhouette skirt, and actually being comfortable in it(!)

This is one of the moments when I feel so right about starting to record my daily outfits. Sale person’s promotional talk, shopping buddies’ suggestions, nothing’s more useful than seeing your plain self everyday in the photo, if you want to know more about what suits you and what doesn’t, what style you gravitate towards and what style you know won’t work on yourself. Do you agree with me? And do you like this girlish outfit on me? Thanks for stopping by as always! xx, Chloe

img_6446 img_6469
img_6448img_6474 img_6459 img_6462img_6447 img_6463

Top & Skirt: Veetii

Heels: L.K. Bennett

Bag: Chanel Boy

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