When Life Gives You Lemons…

make lemonade out of them…or simply wear them!

Combining quite a few colors in one outfit, something that I would not do before, breaking all the ‘you cannot wear more than 3 colors in one outfit’ rule. Counting yellow, green, blue and red! I know it might be a bit colorful but if that’s really what makes you feel good, I say go for it! One thing I would particularly beware is the proportion of the colors – I try to avoid the 50/50 split (or 4 x 25% in this case…) so that it doesn’t look dull.

Happy Monday! xx, Chloe

img_8245img_8249 img_8246
img_8262 img_8267

Top: Des Petits Hauts

Pants: Anagram

Flats: Repetto

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