Layering on Basics

No doubt basics can be safe yet a bit boring if we don’t try to play with them a little bit. In today’s post I want to share with you this outfit that composes of head to toe basic stuff – a red crewneck sweater, a black wool skirt with a pair of Isabel Marant ankle booties. The only thing added is a silk tank that peeks out of my sweater, instant layering done! Not the most complicated or coolest outfit that I’ve tried, but certainly one of the easiest and least time consuming ones, not to mention how comfortable I am in it – could seriously walk all day around without feeling weird or the need to go back home to change, which can happen quite often after work unfortunately.

So will you be trying this little layering trick as well when you’ve only got basics to wear yet don’t want to always look  the same? Let me know in the comments 🙂 xx, Chloe

img_8391img_8335img_8415 img_8338
Sweater: Unwind. H

Tank: Grana

Skirt: Eq:Iq

Clutch: Marie Turnor

Booties: Isabel Marant Dicker boots

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