Nostalgic with Red Details

From time to time I miss being a student again, mostly because I miss the feeling of wandering on the campus, surrounded by knowledge, burying myself in the library… when you still got all these possibilities in life and when you felt so fresh and ready to make a difference. Even the idea of this trembles me a bit as of now. But of course, life as an adult is not really the same as back then, but it doesn’t mean that we could not be (read: dress) a bit nostalgic from time to time. Hence this outfit with a white blouse, grey wool vest and a gingham skirt, highlighted with a red lip and pair of red flats, which are personally my favorite work-day-pick-me-ups.

Tell me, do you ever miss campus life or consider going back some time? Cos me myself sometimes dream of going back to the uni choosing whichever courses that I want without worrying about the money, don’t call me weird, ha!

img_8504img_8525 img_8513 img_8518img_8530 img_8519

Blouse: Vivian Lee

Wool Vest: The Corner Shop

Gingham Skirt: Heather

Flats: Repetto

Lipstipck: MAC Chili

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