Cool Kids


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Leather biker jacket: old (similar here)

Top: Zara (out of stock but same model here)

Skirt: old but similar here)

Boot: Patricia (old but similar here)

hat: H&M (out of stock but similar here)

bag: Alexander Wang inside out Rockie

Does this blog title remind you of Echosmith’s super hit? 🙂 Not that I want to be the ‘she’ or ‘he’ in the song, neither do I want to blend in the so-called cool-kids-circle (years after I’ve finally learned the utmost importance of being just true to yourself regardless of what others say) but today I do want to talk about the piece that makes me feel cool – leather biker!

I think as of now almost every fashionista lady has got at least one leather biker in her closet, don’t they? I mean, how versatile it is! You can definitely pair it with leopard print, floral dress, jeans or even night gowns! Just the thought of pairing it with (almost) all my other pieces makes me excited already.

So back to the blog, I’m pairing my biker with ankle boots to make some balance out of the outfit, in the mean time softening the black combination by some grey color hence the hat, the top and the dress. Is that all? Nah nah nah, I’m not THAT much of a skirt-and-heels girl after all, here’s when my Alexander Wang Rockie comes in handy. Those shiny little studs can easily make my day, as they fit so well with my personal philosophy: subtle yet different.

How do you pair your leather bikers? Looking forward to reading your ideas!!


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