Girl in Red

If I am only to wear one color except neutrals, it’s definitely going to be red. I always enjoy putting a bit of red in my outfit here and there, be it on the lips, bags, shoes or scarves, you name it.

In today’s post I’ve obviously gone mad with this favorite color of mine, covering myself (almost) in red. The striped cashmere sweater is one of my new ins for this winter and I just love how warm and vivid it is, turning the good old stripes into something more.

The red stripes happen to echo so well with my Topshop suede skirt that I have to pair them up. Lastly, if I’m already wearing so much red, couldn’t hurt to have one more pair of red Repettos, right? The photos turn out to be really something that I like, with the blue/green nature background, hope you enjoy them too! xx, Chloe

img_8639img_8690 img_8664

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