Beige Sweater x Python Booties

After 7 months of wearing silk and cotton for the long-lasting summer, I’m so happy to reunite with big fluffy sweaters – not giving up bare legs just yet though – feeling so secure in them, not sure if it’s because of the soft touch, or the fact that they cover my tummy so well…

I bought this pair of python booties from the Rag & Bone outlet back in the summer and had to wait a few months to finally be able to wear them. I know that animal prints are really something to love or to hate, and for me it’s definitely the former. I admit that leopard prints can be a bit tricky to wear and risk being vulgar or older than your actual age, but snakeprint in grey/white combo is so much easier to put with colors like beige, grey or black and doesn’t yell too much in the face either, what do you think? xx, Chloe

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