The Tricky Weather

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Coat: Nicepeople (similar here)

top: Zara here

Leather pant: H&M (similar here)

heels: Vince

When we shot this look, it was still hot and sunny outside. I would be lying if I say I was not sweating a bit inside the jacket (ewww I know).

However I just feel that the leather pant needs more than a floral blouse to go together with, also the air conditioning in the office is not something to be ignored (let’s just say I have wool shawls and sweaters in there to keep my body temperature even during August)

Speaking of the weather this year, it is really abnormal since we are already fast approaching December and the temperature still lingers in 20 something Celcius. I had wanted winter (or autumn at least, for that matter) so bad that I began to wear booties and knitwears even it was not that weather appropriate (inside the office maybe yes though). Therefore this look when it was still around 25 degrees.

Yet I have just come to terms with the much-prolonged-summer, yes I am bored with all the summer outfits (frankly every year is sort of a challenge since summer can last up to 6 months in HK and in the city where I grew up there are only 3) and the fact that you get all sweaty every noon when you go out to grab your lunch, only to return to the strongly-aircon’d office (lots of people fall ill because of this rapid change of temperature I kid you not).

But this is the way it is, so I have decided to re-embrace what the nature has decided to offer and make every last day of this summer count! Even if it means that when checking updates from my favorite bloggers, I have to go to ‘archive’ and choose their July/August outfit to get inspired…

What about you? Do you enjoy summer much? If you can choose, will you want to stay in a city where summer can last up to 8 months a year? Just a side note that I have ruled out tropical cities to live in such as Singapore or Bangkok only because I loooooove my cashmere coats and boots too much!


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