A Stressful Morning


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hat: Index (I cannot find it online but here is a very similar one)

red cardigan: Uniqlo

LBD: DKNY (old but similar here)

booties: Navyboot (I cannot find the exact model online but this is a very similar one)

So today we were shooting again just beside our place, I believe that you have already seen the setting many a time. I had wanted to go to the nearest park (10 mins of tram away) but got delayed because I had difficulties finding the right outwear (yes, I’m that kind of girl who refuses to go out even it’s already super late unless she is happy with the way she looks).

It happens quite often with me that I don’t choose already my outfit for the next day before going to bed, as suggested by many people, I simply find the idea of knowing exactly what I will look like tomorrow a bit boring (safe and less time-consuming as well I must admit!) and less intuitive. Also with the rapidly changing weather at the moment, I prefer to open the window to feel the temperature before opening my closet in the morning.

Back to the outfit today, I originally wanted to go with a blazer or a trench but the temperature went up again to 24 Celsius (I swear when I checked the forecast it said 16 something..) so I feel a bit bewildered and at loss. I still wanted to wear this LBD to go with the booties, this was not going to change.

So, not wanting to be late for work and still doing a shooting before that, I went straight for the safest choice of red and black. Since the cardigan and LBD both count as basics, I have chosen the camel hat and necklace to avoid going completely unnoticed.

Happy to find out that it’s totally weather appropriate (I might even say more weather appropriate than all of the other outfits of mine these days…)!

Can you tell that this outfit is actually a very last-minute one, without me picturing myself in it beforehand, not even once?






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