Staples in my closet

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blazer: Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo (similar here)

blouse: Zara (out of stock but same model here)

white pants: RU (bought in Kyoto)

ballerina:  Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Denim-Suede Bow Pump

bag: Chloe Paraty

Today I would like to talk about those staples in my closet AKA the clothes that I put on when I don’t want/have the time to think too much before leaving home. Perhaps not that inspiring style-wise, but I just want to show you how I appear for much of the time in the office.

Hong Kong women have their reputation of wearing black and grey head to toe, especially the banker and lawyer ladies. Now don’t get me wrong, they seem great in the monochromatic colors – professional, capable, seasoned and all. I just find myself to be more flattered in some lighter colors such as white and beige.

So here it is, a navy blue blazer (I’m not contradicting myself regarding the above, it’s just, we are not 16-year-old any more and you gotta have at least one dark-color piece on you, office ladies!), a beige/white blouse – floral or not as you like, but I would strongly recommend to add a statement necklace if you choose to go with plain white ones – white pants and ballerinas.

The outfit is quite effortless and I feel very comfortable in it, without compromising my professional outlook, or my feet, for that matter. That’s right, no heels, or panty-hose, or close fitting dresses that make you self-conscious every time when you eat something.

The color proportion is also one thing that I would like to stress on. Try to avoid dispersing evenly the color on you i.e. in this case I would not choose a navy/black top, or a dark-color pair of pants, otherwise trust me, I would look like everyone else on the MTR. Conversely, I also love pairing beige blazer with black blouse and pants, which creates an edgier look than today’s preppy one. I’ll show you later 🙂

Hidden benefit:

With the navy blazer and white pants, I can proudly claim myself to be chic a la parisienne simply by wearing a red lipstick or putting on a pair of red heels (speaking of which, I have just bought a new pair, cannot wait to show it to you)! Easy as that!



所以就是图片上这样啦,一件军蓝色小西装(我不是跟上面自相矛盾哈,毕竟我们不是小女生了,在办公室工作的话身上还是要有至少一件深色单品压场),米色/白色衬衫 ——单色还是花色随个人喜好,但如果你要选纯白色的话,我强烈建议搭配一条点睛项链 哦——白西芭蕾平底鞋


另外还想强调的一点是色彩的比例。这样全身都是基础单品的简单搭配的大忌就是不注重色彩比例/色彩均分。如果在这身搭配中我用了深色的内搭或是裤子,就会全无亮点,在街上撞衫撞到晕~ 相同地,我也很爱用米白色外套搭配黑色内搭跟黑色裤子,跟这套相比效果会更加edgy一点,回头会拍搭配给大家 :)



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