white pant x lace-up top

IMG_9390IMG_9387IMG_9391IMG_9392top: Zara here
pant: RU (bought in Kyoto)

Hi everyone, Friday night is finally here! I hope you had a fruitful week and are ready to enjoy a beautiful weekend.

I have chosen my new lace-up top from Zara to match with a pair of white pant for this Friday. As much as I would like to throw a pair of distressed jeans on to make the whole look a bit bohemian/rocky, office policy simply forbid my daydreaming… I had my doubts on white pants a while ago since, well, let’s face it, I do not possess nice and thin model legs. So when I wore pants I only chose black ones or simply suit pants, which can be quite boring after some time.

But this pair of white pant has made my doubts go away since it’s slim fit instead of air tight. My legs still feel loose inside yet it also does a good job flattering my silhouette. I ran into this pair when traveling in Kyoto and I knew it was THAT pair of white pant that I’ve been looking for… simple, plain, minimal and can go with literally every top that I own i.e. this flora print lace-up top with velvet details in the neckline and sleeves (perhaps not visible in this blog post though)

Do you gals have something that you’ve been craving and searching for a long time then end up finding it somewhere you did not expect it to be?


5 thoughts on “white pant x lace-up top

  1. Love the white pants and the last sentence simply reminds me of “众里寻她千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处”. Haha! I also bought a pair of white pants last week. Just some cheap stuff from uniqlo but I think that’s good for a while~

  2. The font can be more clean and modern look, better like sans-serif font to be screen- friendly. Perhaps try one topic each week or a set of pics in one piece, such as details (lace, stud, tassels), cutting (slim, loose, cocoon), special element (white pants, stripe, hollows), etc. To match your topic, adding one or two pics of big names.
    Love the pants and your cutie nails!!


  3. Like this! I have a pair of white pants as well. Used to match it with light-color tops. Will definitely try darker colors next time! 🙂

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