Poncho Mood

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When you get tired of all structured up, and want that special silhouette together with the carefree vibe, I say grab that poncho.

This statement piece is literally a failsafe for all basics in your closet, turtlenecks, white shirts, jeans, leggings, cashmere sweaters, LBD, ankle boots, you name it. My only suggestion is – forgive me for the reiteration – to keep everything else simple, a real no brainer, right?

Besides, what’s the easiest way to wear your summer uniforms through into autumn (or even winter, adding a pair of panty hose)? Hint: look below.




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Poncho: AnnaItisamazing

t-shirt (old) and suede skirt: Zara

booties: Navyboot (I cannot find the exact model online but this is a very similar one)

bag: DKNY (quite a few seasons old)


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