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As much as my loyal love for all-black outfits, one cannot deny that combination of light colors can be so refreshing and fun to style. Due to the low color saturation, layering effect can be achieved easily without looking OverTheTop or redundant, compared to darker colors. Admittedly, more consideration is needed for lighter looks but who’s to say it’s not worth it?

One thing to note when you are trying to score a monochromatic look – variation of textures. It’s especially visible when wearing all-black since there is only one black in the world. But let’s not get carried away just because the light colors have more variations, you’ll still need to mix different textures in an outfit if you want that effortless chic.

I’m wearing a chiffon blouse, a wool sleeveless coat and an asymmetrical tweed skirt, to make sure that I have a monochromatic but not monotone look. The matching handbag and lipstick color also constitutes a sweet little secret to keep for myself. Girls need that to feel playful and happy inside out, no matter if others can spot it or not, don’t we?


全身搭配同一/类似色系要注意的重要一点就是材质上的不同。全黑搭配中尤其明显,因为黑色无分色相、明度或饱和度,简言之就是世上只有一种黑色。但不要因为这样就觉得因为浅色有很多个变种,就无需注意材质的混搭。这个是effortless chic的必需要素哦!

今天的搭配中用了一件雪纺衬衫、羊毛无袖外套和花呢不对称半裙,达成单色而不单调的整体风格。至于matchy matchy的唇膏跟手袋颜色,就是我为自己准备的甜蜜小心思啦,不管别人是否注意得到,这些小细节都会让我无比开心,你get到我了吗?

IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1210 IMG_1207 IMG_1215 IMG_1217

Chiffon blouse: Mark & Spencer (old, similar here)

Sleeveless coat: Indi brand (bought in Korea, similar here)

Tweed skirt: old, similar here

Heels: Patricia (old, similar here)

Handbag: DKNY (similar here)

Watch: Daniel Wellington Men Classic Sheffield

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