Oversized coats are undeniably comfortable, calories-friendly and fun to style with in winter! I’m wearing my beige Maxmara one that I got in La Vallee Village Paris at a discounted price, love it so much!

It literally lifts all my concerns when buying chunky sweaters, which never fit into my regular-cut manteaux, and the classic neutral but light color is definitely a win among the dark crowds. Well I do make sure not to eat meatball spaghettis or get near to the splashing street food bazaar when wearing this babe, but hey, it’s totally worth it!

I do have one tip or two for petite ladies like myself when wearing oversize coats: skinny pants and heels will make you really stand out and look at least 1 size smaller, while creating this contrast of volume, très chic! Tall babes, feel free to throw on your flare jeans and go rock the street!

Oh and did I already reveal the best part of oversized outerwear? Don’t hesitate to layer it up with your denim jacket, leather biker, or even blazer, as long as it’s not as oversized one! Can’t wait to try them out…

冬天的oversize款大衣简直太舒服自在了,假期吃再多也看不出,好穿好搭也是没话说!这里我穿的是一件Maxmara的米白色oversize大衣,是在巴黎La Vallee Village 打折村买到的,价格喜人,一直是我冬日爱物!


对于像我一样的小个子姑娘,我的建议就是,搭配贴身小脚裤跟高跟鞋/靴会创造出一种非常时髦的体积对比感,从而达到显高显瘦的目的。 高个美女基本没什么顾虑,像我一样的搭配是安全牌,我的建议是大胆穿上喇叭裤,去街上收获回头率就好!


IMG_1317 IMG_1311 IMG_1300 IMG_1297 IMG_1291

Oversized Coat: Maxmara (old, similar here)

Blouse: Topshop (same model in white here)

Leather pant: H&M (similar here)

Boot: Patricia (old but similar here)

Handbag: DKNY (similar here)

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