A Hat person?

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hat:  Zara all three colors are beautiful
Cardigan: Natural Beauty Basic (old, similar here )
T: 22 octobre (old, similar here )
skirt: dazzlin (old, similar/currently loving this )
heels: Vince
bag: Chloe Marcie
watch: Daniel Wellington Women St. Mawes

I have always regarded myself as someone who have the courage to try new things when it comes to style and outfits, oversize coat, rockstud leather piece, sky-high heels or short-dyed-yellow hair (a very, very bad idea by the way, fortunately [or not?] I was only 18 years old at the time…), you name it.

But hey, I’m not gonna lie to you, this is my first hat, if, of course, we don’t count the holiday-style straw hat bought in Spain to fight against the August Sun.

Why? Probably because I was still traumatized by the MLB baseball cap that I owned a few years ago when I thought it suited me well but it turned out to be a disaster in the photos (my head and face seemed even rounder under that thing!); or probably because when I went to buy a motorcycle helmet, or rent my trencher cap for that matter, I was told mercilessly that I need a size M to fit my bigger-than-normal head, sounds fine? But I am one of the petite girls who measure less than 5’3…

So yes, picking up the hat tradition is indeed one hard decision for me, since I just could not resist the charm it emits. Therefore I have chosen this fedora hat from Zara (I didn’t want to spend one hell of a fortune on my first fedora) since the form suits my head and facial features better. Color blackish green was because my hair was already natural black and I wanted something lighter in color to not feel too ponderous.

And the result is just fine, isn’t it? After all, this is the hat magic that can complete your outfit, adding a hippie touch in just one go. Do you like it?




3 thoughts on “A Hat person?

  1. Makes me want to check this out right now in office hours. No one knows better than me about getting a good hat is such a challenge in my life…congrats!

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