How to Choose the Perfect (Faux) Leather Pant

IMG_1292IMG_1089IMG_0829IMG_0034IMG_9921When summer is over and you put away the cute dresses and shorts, all kinds of trousers and panty hoses need to be pulled out to get ready for autumn and winter. Jeans, leggings, jeggings, suit pants…it seems that everybody is wearing the same thing over and over again, no? In this case, leather pants, faux or not, step in as a very interesting alternative, chic but not too exaggerating, provided, of course, that you are wearing the right one.

So here are 3 of my tips to choose the perfect black leather pant:

  1. It needs to be a real pair of pants, with buttons, zippers, back pockets and all. Do not consider those that look like leggings with reflective fabrics. They are bad news if you want to flatter your body, and cannot be worn as pants in most official occasions. If you already bought it, my only suggestion is to wear long tops to compensate and drive away the attention from your hips and thighs.
  2. It needs to be matte black, not shiny black. One risk that we need to bear when wearing leather pants is that it’s probably not as flattering as plain black jeans, because of the glossy nature, yes… we love it (because it’s the magic of layering and all-black monochromatic outfit), we hate it (look above), we’re all just tryin’ to make it. To still look slender in leather pants is not mission impossible, smart way is to ditch those shiny shiny ones which resembles too much plastic and, excuse the inevitable expression here, are just too vulgar. Au contraire, the subtly chic matte black leather pants wouldn’t even be office-inappropriate and is an almost-perfect dupe of real leather pant, but again, more wallet-friendly and lower maintenance required.
  3. It’s more elastic than a normal pair of jeans, but less so than a pair of legging/jeggings. My most comfortable pants are not those that flatter me the most. You all know what I’m talking about. Looking slim comes with a moderate dose of compromise on comfortability. Size down and choose the one that you feel a bit tight in (but not ill-fitting either), because it’ll gradually loosen up over time.

I hope you find my 3 tips useful when looking for your own perfect leather pant. Also I am in the search of a good pair of loose-fit leather pant (they are so sick and cool!) so please, drop me a line if you have any recommendations!


  1. 它得是一条裤子,一条正儿八经,有钮扣、拉链、屁兜的裤子。不要考虑那些软趴趴,弹性很大如打底裤一般的皮裤,它们不会对你的身材有任何修饰作用,而且在比较正式一点的场合如上班等均不适合外穿。如果你已经有了这样的裤子,那只好用长款上衣来亡羊补牢一下了。
  2. 它的面料光泽比较低调,类似哑光。选择皮裤时要承担的风险(应该也是我们比较大的一个顾虑)就是可能会比普通的黑色裤子要显胖,不过光泽感也是皮质单品本身具有的一个吸睛点,利用光泽感来显瘦并不是不可能完成的任务,关键要选择哑光质感的皮裤,而不是bling bling感觉可以刺瞎路人眼睛的那种反射光泽。后者的塑料属性太过明显,而且搭配不好很容易有低俗感,而前者低调的光泽就算是办公室着装也不会不妥,而且(如果是PU的话)跟真皮的相似度非常高,不上手摸的话比较容易以假乱真,而且与真皮比起来更加容易清洁,穿松了丢了也不心疼~
  3. 它的弹性介于普通牛仔裤跟打底裤之间,试穿它的时候感觉略微紧绷但不至于不舒服。大家一定有过这样的经历——穿着最舒服,跟最显瘦的裤子,一般不是同一条。而既然要选显瘦的裤子,那一定会对身材有一定箝制,不会像打底裤一样舒服、可以任意抻宽。要选紧绷而不是刚好合身的另外一个原因是,无论是真皮还是PU,越穿越松的可能性都比牛仔裤要大,换句话说泻的比较快,所以为了保证它越穿越合身,买的时候如果相邻两个尺码都能穿,建议买小的。


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