Floral Dress x Faux Fur


Hey everyone! How are you holding up this Monday? I hope you had enjoyed the weekend off.

Here winter finally hits HK with the temperature going down to single digit this week. Here is a look that I wore several days ago when it was still warm enough.

I have had this floral dress for several seasons, and God (or my many years best friends…) knows how much I loved floral pieces when I was younger, however with the changing working environment, increasing of age and shifting taste, most of them have been recycled, leaving behind less than a handful, including this one with black undertone and pale yellow/pink flower patterns.

I think the reasons that I can still wear it are: the appropriate length (almost knee), the non-revealing neckline, the (relatively) decent color combination and design. And just one more proof that – black can never go wrong if you want to buy a piece that can be kept for years!

Looking closer at this outfit, the silver studs on my bag echo just fine with the gold studs on my heels, it’s this kind of petite charade that keeps me excited all day long!

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IMG_2681 IMG_2677 IMG_2678IMG_2675

floral dress: old but this one from Topshop is beautiful

Faux fur sleeveless coat: Topshop

heels: Patricia (old but similar here)

handbag: Givenchy Antigona

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