Lace It Up


Catching up on the lace-up heels trend! Got the feeling that it’s still going to be hot next season so grabbed a pair at Lanecrawford during their final sale 🙂 go to their website and check it out! Note that the lace-up pointy heels at Pedder Red run small so size up – I am normally a size 35 but ended up taking the 36 for this pair, you can adjust the laces anyway!

I feel it’s a perfect all-year round staple that cannot go wrong with either pants or dresses, giving your feet enough exposure to breathe in summer and protect the toes from the cool blast in winter – just add panty hoses if the temperatures drops down, I’m sure the heels will still pop with their silver metal details.

I want to keep everything else simple when the heels themselves are attention-attracting enough (Anna Dello Russo wanna be, but in a few years perhaps…), therefore the ivory wool coat, white shirt and black pants, very winter-uniformy. I am still honey-mooning with my Antigona bag so here it is again (it also pairs my heels!), but I promise you that I will soon let out my other handbags again, soon…

系带高跟鞋的潮流仍然在继续,趁着连卡佛季末打折的时候收了一双,来自Pedder Red,现在店里和网站上仍然有售哦,不过尺码不全了,当季不打折的新款(同样的设计)就还有码数,值得去瞧瞧!这个牌子的系带尖头高跟鞋尺码偏小,我一般穿35码,这双收了36,略宽松些但是也可以通过鞋带调节啦!


每当身上有这样一个抢眼单品的时候,我倾向于把其他单品简单化(Anna Dello Russo的风格虽好,我还是过几年再尝试哈~),象牙色羊毛外套、米白色小波点衬衫和黑裤子都是我的冬日心头好,干净温柔又不失利落简洁。这只Antigona跟我还在蜜月期所以最近经常出场(跟鞋子也挺配的有没有?),不过我保证近期会重新开始临幸其他手袋的,一定……

IMG_2713 IMG_2718 IMG_2720 IMG_2721 IMG_2729 IMG_2731

heels: Pedder Red (currently on sale but not many sizes available)

Coat: Gardena (similar here, or here)

Shirt: Indi Brand

Pants: Mark & Spencer

Bag: Givenchy Antigona

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