Messy Bun x leather jacket x faux fur vest


Leather biker topped with faux fur vest, a combination that I’ve always wanted to try and finally had the chance, given the current weather – not too cold for leather and not too warm for (faux) fur.

The magic layering effect really entices me here. As well as the contrast of texture – shiny, reflective leather and matte, fluffy fur. That’s how black on black makes a difference!

I chose a pair of burgundy pants here to complete the outfit, and to bring a bit of color to the look, since I am already wearing black suede booties and a handbag of the same color. You know why those chic French women always reach to burgundy when they need a pop of color – it’s THAT classic and versatile, going just too well with black and white! By the way, this pair of Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Skinny is so amazing that I recommend you get your hands on at least a few colors of it when you have the chance 🙂

It’s the first time on the blog that I am tying up my hair like this, actually it happened quite often when my hair was longer, but not so much after I did the perm in South Korea (I love the effect too much to tie the hair up~). With the fluffy fur, I want to avoid having too much lingering around my shoulder which will make my neck looks even shorter, hence the ‘new’ hairstyle.

Messy bun is the name of the trend now, isn’t it? It looks great on blond girls because of the lighter color of their hair. Yet for Asian brunettes like myself (who, in additional, refuse to dye the hair), a not-too-messy one is probably better since our hair texture is generally thicker / coarser. And the contrast between our hair color and skin tone is so big that the too-messy effect would risk sending out the ‘I didn’t comb my hair this morning and I don’t care what you think of me’ message (only in my opinion though).

Do you like my ‘unusual’ hair style in this post? And what do you think of the fur vest on top of leather idea? Leave me your comment please!



选了一条酒红色的紧身裤,在黑色翻毛皮靴和黑色包包间加入一抹色彩。优雅的法国女人需要选择彩色的时候,第一个念头大约总是这勃艮第酒红色,因为它几乎适应所有年龄段,雅致而百搭,跟中性色如黑白等更是好朋友哦!对了,向大家推荐下优衣库的特级弹性牛仔裤系列,舒适度很高,显腿细,性价比就不用说了,有机会的话可以多收几条基本色或是自己喜欢的彩色呢 :)


现在的发型潮流管这个叫乱乱的冲天丸子头,对吧?欧美十分流行的messy buns,在金色或浅棕色头发的女孩头上乱乱的很随性美好,但是在黑发(而且坚决拒绝染发)的亚洲姑娘如我的头上,还是不要太乱为好~因为我们的发量更多,发质更加厚重(此处并不想提头身比的问题,手动再见👋),而且发色与肤色间对比反差较大,太乱的丸子头(在我个人看来)好像是在传递“我早上起来没梳头,我也不在乎别人怎么看我”这样的信息……


IMG_2779IMG_2770 IMG_2785 IMG_2774
IMG_2761 IMG_2776

Leather biker jacket: old (similar here)

Faux fur vest: Topshop

Burgundy jeans: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans, my color is from past season though, this Topshop Leigh is similar)

Boot: Patricia (old but similar here)

Bag: YSL cabas

Watch: Daniel Wellington St. Mawes

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