One Sunny Saturday Properly Spent in Cheung Chau

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Feeling so grateful that the sunshine finally falls on us after weeks of clouds and rain, and since it’s Saturday today, even better! Damien and me quickly agreed on a one-day tour to Cheung Chau island, one of our favorite spots in HK for various reasons: cheap and delicious seafood, spacious beach, idyllic village houses, quiet hiking routes……

Now if you think HK is all about skyscrapers, financial centers and top-tier shopping malls, you can’t be more wrong my friends. Three quarters of the city is literally countryside, with only 25% urbanized (perhaps one of the reasons why housing is so freaking expensive here). Not to mention the 260+ outlying islands which constitute the perfect places for a family outing, including Cheung Chau, our destination today.

Lamma island, among the others, is mostly favored by tourists perhaps because it’s the biggest outlying island in HK, and hometown to the internationally renowned movie star Chow Yun-fat. Yet it won’t be on top of my recommendation list because, exactly as above, there are always too many tourists, always. Beach there in the summer feels no different than Repulse Bay, packed with people and tents. Seafood is good but seems way over-priced to me, especially compared to Cheung Chau, where a proper seafood lunch for two persons won’t cost you more than 250 dollars (we are talking about 3 dishes [seafood or meat of your choice], 1 free dish of vegetable and rice/noodle).

I’m not shy to admit that I always drool over the steamed salt water fish. Damien and I literally stopped talking to each other and started chop-chopping when the fish is on the table, it’s THAT good. Come to the think of it maybe the next time we are at Cheung Chau we might as well order two same dishes of steamed fish, while bathing in the sun, watching fishermen, boats and the sea.

How to go: take the MTR to Central station, exit A, then follow the indication boards of “central piers”, go to the 5th ferry pier to take the boat to Cheung Chau, it’ll take around 40 mins (honestly I cannot say for sure because I always sleep through the whole journey…) to arrive at Cheung Chau. Turn left and walk for 10 mins and there you go for all those delicious seafood restaurants! Keep going straight and you’ll see various hiking routes – nothing exhausting I promise. Bicycle renting is also available but perhaps not a good idea if you want to stay on the main roads, or hike a bit.

If one day you travel to HK, hope you would have the time to check out the islands and beaches here, you won’t regret it! Now your turn – tell me how you spent your Saturday? 🙂

suede biker: Topshop (fringed version here)

striped shirt: Indi brand

jeans: Topshop Jamie

sneakers: Nike

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