Best Things in Life

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Went for a casual stroll in Victoria Park last Sunday, surrounded by trees, flowers, lawn and lakes. It’s amazing the way you grow to appreciate the nature more than you ever did as a kid. Remember what Coco Chanel once said – The best things in life are free, the second best things are very, very expensive – how wise is that?!

I used to be a less happy person than I am right now – not to say that I’ve completed the spirit journey of being authentically happy with myself all the time, I still need to ponder over that for sure – but I have come to realize that in order to live life to the most I need to stop worrying about things that won’t happen or haven’t just yet, and stay positive. Then when it comes to staying positive, the answer for me is quite straight forward: appreciate what you have, instead of drooling over those you don’t.

Therefore I always try to mix my new stuff with old closet staples, it’s so much fun putting them all together like introducing (closet) newbies to some old friends. I love the feeling that when a sweater accompanies you for several seasons and has since become totally YOU. Guess I have a reminiscent mood when it comes to clothes, shoes and bags – it might sound cheesy but may I add: this has nothing to do with the fund shortage to buy new designer stuff every season. 🙂

Take this outfit for example, the cashmere sweater and OTK boots are from last season, while the vest, hat and bag are my new-ins this winter, looking harmonious enough, don’t they? Yeah I know, if the boots can be as ‘slim-fit’ as those Stuart Weitzman All-legs, it’ll pull the look even tighter, but when I do not yet possess those ‘second best things’, I’ll live with it and learn to appreciate more ‘the best things’ in life!

Hat: Index (I cannot find it online but here is a very similar one)

Cashmere turtle neck: Uniqlo (grey is out of stock)

Vest: Indi brand (bought in Korea, similar here)

OTK: Topshop (similar here)

fur bag: found in Lijiang, similar here

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