Red Accessories

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Normally I will pass on the idea of having same-colored heels and bag in the same outfit, since it appears to be a bit outdated / overaged and less fun. But I’ll own it up that when you do not have the time to dress up, this is pretty much the safest and quickest idea to look fancy and pulled together.

I come to realize that I’ve been wearing darker colors more often than before, not sure if it’s because of the new blog adventure that I started last October – dark colors do a better job flattering your body in the photo and bringing out your inside self by making people focus more on your eyes, facial expressions, body language, bref, YOU, instead of what you are exhibiting with your body. Did I accidentally unveil the answer to why Jobs was always in his black sweater and blue jeans?

Anyway, this black turtleneck sweater, black legging and dark grey coat have been on heavy repeat this winter, though perhaps you don’t see them together that much on my blog (I do try to show you different combinations that I wear everyday, you know, just trying to be a fashion blogger is all 🙂 ). But I’m never a normcore kinda girl, perhaps because I don’t have the body for it, perhaps because deep inside I always enjoy some sort of attention. So even if I’m wearing all three staples mentioned above together, I try to create some eyeball-catching details, hence the red heels and red handbag – so cliche but so good!

Hope you are having a great weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by!

Coat: Uniqlo +J (old, similar here or here)

Heels: Gioia dell’ aqua (could not find it online but here is a similar model)

Handbag: Coccinelle (old, similar here)

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