The Signature Coat

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As essential as a capsule wardrobe can be, today I would like to talk about the importance of having a ‘signature’ garment that is instantly recognizable as YOU.

I am lucky enough to possess a few items in my closet that can be referred to as ‘my signature stuff’, by which I mean when hanging out with friends they sometimes just casually turn to me and say: “winter is almost here, you can soon wear that amazing red coat of yours” or “this color will go well with your dark blue Chloe handbag (my good ol’ Marcie, the very first designer bag that I bought for myself)”.

Signature items are like Mr. Rights, they don’t need to be gorgeously perfect in bystanders’ eyes, but definitely need to suit you well, flatter your body (or spirit, in the case of men) and bring out the best of you. Consequently, they don’t get found that easily. So here I am trying to share a few tips to find your signature items (not your better half though, nobody other than yourself should have the say in that).

First, know yourself. Know which colors suit your skin and hair color; know what kind of cut best flatter your body type; and more importantly, know what styles you identify with deep inside;

Then, when you have some ideas on what you need, do not hesitate to go to the stores and try them on. I know, I know, lots of purchases are done online now, but I still recommend going to the shopping mall to do it the traditional way, at least before you have a good grasp of what suits you well and what doesn’t. What I wear most are all bought from physical stores, compared to those that I got online, true story.

Lastly, when you finally find that item that you’ve always been wanting, let the dream come true! A fortune might need to be spilled, heavy number crunching might need to be done. But if you have properly gone through the two points mentioned above, I am sure that it’ll worth the money, cost-per-wear, remember? This is also a good testament to why we should shop smarter instead of harder (leave the budget to what you really need and it’ll accompany you for years to come)

That’s it, my way of how to find that signature item. I want to say thank you so much if you have read everything above, I can be quite a chatter some time! I do hope you find it useful to have your own signature style, be it a coat, a pair of denim, or a piece of jewelry 🙂

Red Cashmere Coat: Maxmara (old, similar here or wool version here)

Heels: Pedder Red


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