Wednesday Scarf

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linen shirt: Zara (old, similar here)

leather skirt: Zara (old, similar here)

scarf: New York MoMA

flats: Salvatore Ferragamo (vintage colour, same model here)

bag: Saint Laurent Paris (here but sold out)

watch: Tissot

For me, Wednesday is often the most important/hardest day of the week just after Monday, since it’s the ‘peak’ of the week – you know you are a bit far from Monday already but Friday still doesn’t seem tangible enough. Outfit-wise I usually choose something that contains a bit of fun and can cheer me up  for this day.

So here I am, with a purple-red silk scarf around my neck so that the plain white linen shirt won’t look too boring. The matching Salvatore Ferragamo ballerinas are among my all-time favorites (I have 2 pairs of Vara flats and 1 pair of 5cm heel of the same design, different colours of course).

I do not, nonetheless, want to appear too lady which is not really my cup of tea. Therefore the adding of an olive-green leather skirt seems perfect. Hope you are doing great with your Wednesdays!

One thought on “Wednesday Scarf

  1. It’s good to see this font! Scarves are just as versatile and far more fun by taking advantage of your styling potential. I’m feeling great with Wed you now.


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