Snake Print Boots

Meet my new snake friends, everyone! These amazing heels are one of my recent happy sales finds in Kurt Geiger, have been so busy at work these days that I don’t even know KG opens a new store just downstairs, who knows how long has it been there…hope I didn’t miss too many goodies!

Now I think animal prints are perhaps one of the most debatable subjects in the fashion world – some people love them, and the others hate them. I myself undoubtedly belong to the former group (you get it from my Isabel Marant Etoile leopard print heels now, don’t you?), as personally I think women of all ages and different styles can wear animal prints and be gorgeous – be it on a handbag, a pair of heels, a silk scarf or a beautiful winter coat – sometimes it’s those little details that can spice up the whole look, and keep subtly chic in the meantime.

Back to the snake prints boots, actually I’ve been eyeing this pair from Isabel Marant for quite some time, yet still cannot justify the price, because let’s face it, snake prints boots are more difficult to wear hence less versatile than a regular pair of black leather boots, and I don’t want to just cannot splurge 1/5 of my monthly income on them while I’d still like to live under a roof (meaning rent needs to be paid), enjoy some quality time off, have decent meals with friends and travel a bit the world. It’s only normal that when you want it all, you have to compromise at some point, yeah life, I get it 🙂

So what’s my choices left? I’m a bit nit-picking when it comes to shoes as I definitely know what kind of pain a bad pair can cause you – there are still some scars left in the back of my ankles because I could not afford good quality heels back in my early 20s (or because I spent everything in random this and that without investing in a long-lasting item…). So now I set my rules straight whenever I need to pay for shoes, premium designer brands are of course great but I bet my bank statement will disagree. So I try to find shoes made with genuine leather (both upper and lining, even the sole) and good design (tip: it can be tricky if you are buying online because you cannot try, in this case do go for those that are made in Europe, Italians are the best!), and guess what, this KG babe ticks all the boxes, and fits like a glove! I won’t be lying if I say I can run around with these 7cm heels…

Pairing it with a rust red trench coat to create a color-coordinated look, then the black turtleneck sweater and black pant. The boot itself is catchy enough and I feel like keeping everything else simple and straight. Do you like my look?

IMG_3351 IMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3355


Boots: Kurt Geiger (this one is also sharp, this one is more affordable and this one take the coolness to another level!)

Trench: Anna It Is Amazing (sold out, this sleeveless version has the similar cut and color)

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