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So I’m a major shoe lover, more than anything else. Even though I seem to be always on the move (literally, since I have moved 4 times during my 5 years in HK) and lots of unnecessary things got ditched, I still manage to keep a ‘decent’ collection of shoes. Some of my lovely followers on Sina Weibo requested to see a summary of the shoe cabinet but since it’s a good deal of work to do, I’ll start with flats this time, and I promise to show you more of the heels in future!

  1. Black ballerinas

So let me start with the most basic items AKA the most worn shoes in my life. These guys go with any existing clothes in the world. Now perhaps they don’t seem very exciting at first sight but just like everything else that’s plain and simple, they are the best sidekick and secure every outfit, jeans, leggings, dresses, culottes, you name it. Need an outfit that you can fall back on when everything else fails? Remember to count in one pair of black ballerina.

I am in love with Repetto since this unique artisan in the ballet world makes wonderful, wonderful ballerinas that instantly elude the Parisian chic. Their round toe, block heels, ‘freestyle’ laces, together with leather insole and sole are all to be admired.

In colder days, I opt for my Prada ballerinas since it carries a thicker look – in fact the sole is indeed thicker than the Repetto - the matt and patent leather constitute a beautiful contrast, and the block heels also make a 5’3 girl very happy, every inch counts, doesn’t it?


IMG_3639 IMG_3642

2. Colorful Ballerinas

I admit that I do have a thing for ballerinas, among all kinds of flats, that is. Living in a sub-tropical city where temperature rarely drops down to 10 degree Celsius, ballerinas are sort of a year-rounder. If Repetto is too casual for you, then the Ferragamo Vara should be a good fit. They miraculously make your feet look slimmer and still remain super comfy! However note that they are not so friendly to hallux valgus.
IMG_3647 IMG_3648

With black being the safest color, we do need some colors to pop out and spice things up. Colorful ballerinas are the next on my list of recommendation if you are looking to reconstruct the shoe closet. Stylish suggestion? Nah, throw on an all-black outfit and we are good to go – told ya. Mine are the red Chloe scalloped flat and purple Bally flat.


3. Fun Ballerinas

So now we’ve got most of the staple items covered, let’s have some fun.

The Silver and Striped Repetto flats are on high rotation every summer.


And the Charlotte Olympia kitten flat, which is just beyond my words kind of fun – I couldn’t resist looking down at my toes each time wearing them!


Then some lighter colors just for the mood of spring! These babes are from Repetto (still) and Pretty Ballerinas.


4. Smoking Slippers

Are incredibly easy to wear and can effectively protect the feet from cold – Vive le feminism! The burgundy one is from Stella Mccartney Kid (their size can go up to IT38!) and the dark blue one I got from Taobao (no links unfortunately).


5. Slip-ons

Casually chic and good for your waist – laces can be a burden sometimes. My leopard print slip-on is from Steve Madden, and the grey one from Taobao.


6. Metallic Details

Just because. Or else my army green or rusty red coats get lonely. This pair is from Jill Scott.


That’s it, my favorite and most-worn flats are all here. Do you find the list useful? What shoes do you wear most? Let me know below 🙂 !

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  1. Flats take us to the farthest place always. I love each pair of the colorful group that makes you look stunning and one-of-a-kind. (๑•́ ₃ •̀)

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