My Bangkok trip – Muang Boran Ancient City

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dress: Paul & Joe Sister

sandal: Havaianas

Hi everyone! I’ve just come back from a long weekend spent in Bangkok and today’s the first day at work. Needless to say very tiring, but sharing my trip with you has the magical refreshing power!

This is not my first time in Bangkok and having already seen the famous Grand Palace and Wat Pho etc., we’ve decided to choose a closer-to-nature route for this short stay (4 days 3 nights). And I have to say that the Ancient city is an absolute surprise! It may not be among the top sightseeing lists in the city (quite comprehensible as well since it’s located in the suburb) but if you are an outdoor activity and natural landscape lover you’d definitely find it worth your while.  Photo lovers (duh~~) will also enjoy this place since the layout is a combination of traditional beautiful Thai architectures (some original some artificial), and this grand place actually has very few visitors.

Here is their website

You do not need to enroll in a day trip with travel agencies. Just take the BTS all the way down to Bearing then hop in a taxi directly from there (do keep a picture of the Ancient City on your phone in case the driver speaks limited English), normally the cost is around 160-200B (4-6 USD), you can of course take the bus No. 36 but it’s open-air and you probably need a mask. Entrance fee for the Ancient city is 700B now (350B for the locals) which equals to around 18 USD and you get free audio-guide as well as the bicycle (normal models like the one that appears in my photos, give a refundable 200B deposit if you would like a cooler mountain bike). For those who do not ride bicycles, renting fee for golf carts is 300B per hour. I’ve also seen the sightseeing bus but I guess that’s reserved only for groups and needless to say much less fun…

Special thanks to my beloved Damipetitnou who has looked this amazing place all up, suggested the best means of transportation and put up with all my too-happy-to-walk-normally behaviors (faithfully recording them with the camera of course) >33






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