Chambray x Leather – and the New Lens!

Remember this post from several days ago when I said I had to improvise an outfit upon an interview because what I had planned wouldn’t work? Well it finally makes its way into a shooting and onto the blog now!

It’s all about using different textures and contrast colors – chambray and leopard; faux fur and matt leather. As for the hat, well who doesn’t have a bad hair day? Besides the color grey goes well with my chambray shirt, which is a new-in that I got from Grana, a serious up and coming brand that you need to check out! But more on that later, since today I mainly want to talk to you about… my new lens!

Have you noticed anything different in today’s photos? Well I don’t blame you if you didn’t… after all me and my man are no expert in photography, but I personally am very delighted to find out that my new Canon 50/f 1.8 can do so well with portraits – we’ve never had such good bokeh with the kit lens (Canon 24-105) that came together with my camera. Not to say it’s no good either – an L lens is an L lens – however for portrait photography, a prime lens just can do better, even if it’s only a 150USD product (feels like a steal!). I am more than satisfied, especially it also helps to capture the light so well, even during not so sunny days.

I have read suggestions from professional photographers / fashion bloggers to see what they think of the Canon 50mm prime lenses (basically the choice is among f 1.8, f 1.4and f 1.2, with respective price at around 150, 500 and 1400 USD), (50mm is because it embodies the most natural perspective if you wonder) it’s easy to cross f 1.2 off my list since I am not so prepared to splurge this much on a lens even it has the best performance, while both f 1.8 and f 1.4 are affordable, the former can already achieve good effects and the output of f 1.4 does not really justify the price difference. Therefore I got myself a conclusion: buy an f 1.8 first since it’s my first prime lens, then perhaps upgrade directly to f 1.2 in a few years if I feel the need.

That’s it for now, I’m starting my Easter holiday tomorrow (or today, as it’s already past midnight in HK…feeling guilty for staying up so late…) and we are going to the Yellow Mountains for 4 days! Cannot wait to explore a new place with Damien. Perhaps will be a few days absence on Instagram and Blog since, you know 🙂 Anyway, thanks a lot for stopping by, and have a great Easter break yourselves!

xx, Chloe












Chambray shirt: Grana, click here to register and get 78HKD off!

Faux fur vest: Topshop

Vegan leather pants: H&M (or real leather version here)

Heels: Isabel Marant Etoile via Outnet

Handbag: YSL cabas (product suspended but here is the exact same version via Vestiaire Collective, and here is the Monogrammed version)

Hat: H&M, similar one in dark blue

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