Rainy Day

Rainy days call for a comfortable hooded cape with a fur trim. Casually pairing it with a grey cashmere sweater and plaid skirt, topped with a scarf of bright color, do you like it? 天黑黑,欲落雨,穿起有毛领边的羊毛带帽斗篷,也是很惬意的一件事情。搭配了灰色羊绒衫和黑白格子短裙,颈间再绕一条紫红色小方巾,随性而不随便,你喜欢吗? Poncho: Goelia (old, similar here in ASOS) Cashmere knit: Maxmara (similar here) plaid skirt: babycoco (old, similar here) booties: Navyboot handbag: Chloe ‘Marcie’